Children’s Watches

How old should a child be when they receive their first children’s watch? It all depends on the child. Some children can have a watch when they are 3 – 4 or even toddlers. Others when they are 6 – 7, certainly by 9 or 10 a boy or girl will be able to tell time and will want their own timepiece. Maba Watches carries the gamut of these watches. We not only have a wide selection of age-appropriate watches but a wide type of styles and kinds of children’s watches including analog for the very young just learning to tell time and of course digital watches for older kids

Even for kids as young as 4 or 5, watches are available with sophisticated features unheard of 20 years ago. Not only sports watches and their many functions but functions like taking pictures and even making phone calls.

Check out Maba Watches assortment. We carry brands such as Adventurer, Casio, Biggerfive, and Armitron, with many kids watches being unisex. Look over our selection and when you are ready, shop us now!