The Best Way to Choose Your First Wrist Watch

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If you are purchasing your first wrist watch for yourself, then you need to be aware on how to choose the right one for yourself. This information also validates the reasons why you should own one.

For both men and women, it is important to own a wrist watch. One of the reasons is the functional aspect. If you choose a highly priced wrist watch, the value is another reason why you need to own one. This is the reason a person may own a more expensive watch despite owning other devices that can tell time.

Wrist watches have become a symbol of taste, choice, and personality. Even if you can tell the time with a mobile phone, many people still own their own watch.


The main function of your wrist watch is to tell time. But nowadays you would be hard pressed to find anything but a simple watch that the only thing it does is tell current time. More features such as a timer, stop watch, various alarms, heart and exercise monitor, plays games, takes pictures and can make phone calls. If these are your requirements find a watch with these features.


Where do you intend to use your watch? Is it for casual events, workouts, or a more formal occasion? How often do you intend to use it? This is one reason to own two or more watches. One for everyday use and one for a more glamorous or “dress up” occasion. If in doubt and your budget allows for no more than one watch, then choose one that will work for a dress watch, a casual watch and a luxury watch. Make sure to inject your own personality with your choice to use it more often.


Wrist watches are made of various materials and this aspect can influence your decision dramatically. For one, you need to buy a watch that is made of materials that will not cause any allergic reactions to you. Some people have allergies to certain metals and other materials. Also, pay attention to the dial and strap too. These should be of top quality. There are some elegant looking watches out there made with a cheap looking strap that down grades the look of the watch and limits the occasions it can be worn. The different materials include steel, leather, brass aluminum and plastic. Find the best one that is suited for your individual needs.


Be sure to consider these three aspects with your choice of your first wrist watch. This should be a fun experience and educational as well. Remember: You can only buy your first wrist watch once!

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