Pro or con: Do wristwatches help with, or cause stress. YOU decide – PART 1

A lot of people suffer stress and anxiety in everyday living. If you are one of these you may have made some changes in your everyday life. Changes such as changing your sleeping habits, Perhaps you’ve prioritized sleep, gone to therapy, taken long walks in nature or given breathing exercises a go. Some of the […]

Ladies Watches and their Special Traits

A woman likes a nice piece of jewelry adorning her wrist in many circumstances. Ladies wrist watches can be pretty and dainty. But the thing that keeps women wearing them is that they are are also practical. A watch keeps a person stay on time, among other things. The wristlet watch was one one of […]

The Special Considerations When Buying A Men’s Watch

There are many different reasons for wearing a wrist watch. They are worn for practical reasons as well as for a fashion statement. It is a challenge to buy a wrist watch for your particular circumstances including taste, your job, and budget. Once you have considered these things you can begin to look at all […]

Pocket Watches and Their Place in History

Silver Pocket Watches are something other pieces of jewelry are not: They are timeless. They radiate wealth and charm, and give their bearer distinction. Pocket watches are personal timepieces that can be carried around in a pocket. They sport traditionally analog displays, and usually have a hinged cover to protect the watches’ face. “Fobs” or […]

Don’t get Lost Looking for your GPS Wrist Watch

  If you’ve ever been lost in the “wilderness” than you know the importance of a good GPS device. Perhaps you have one in your car or truck. The only problems is they require a power source such as a car battery or generator. You probably don’t want to be toting a generator around with […]